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The non-narcotic formula in ScoliPAIN plus provides 6-8 hours of relief with our time-released combination of all an natural pain killer and an anti-inflammatory.

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Medical research has shown time and time again that curcumin can alleviate chronic pain.

Chronic pain such as arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, delayed onset muscle soreness, and post-surgery pain, and more, canbe relieved with ScoliPAIN plus.

In fact, curcumin is currently the subject of over 100 ongoing clinical trials currently registered through the National Institutes of Health. Preliminary research is even showing the benefits of curcumin in adult patients with scoliosis pain.

In a recent study, researchers compared two groups of patients with adult scoliosis who participated in a scoliosis-specific exercise therapy.

The research showed the group taking curcumin saw their pain levels reduced by 40% in a six month study. In addition, these results were significantly better compared to patients not taking curcumin.

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So, what makes ScoliPAIN plus so effective?

The active ingredients in our all-natural ScoliPAIN plus consists of a powerful blend of curcumin and black pepper extract.




This powerful anti-inflammatory is derived from turmeric root, and has been clinically shown to be an effective and safe natural pain reliever.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper also works as an anti-inflammatory, and when combined with curcumin, it increases the effectiveness by an incredible 2000%!

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Common Questions

The short video clips below offer answers to a lot of frequently asked questions.

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